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Club Scoring System

Squash League Scoring


Spin the racket to decide who serves first, the server keeps serve until losing a rally when the serve switches to the opponent. A point is only awarded when the server wins a rally.


League matches are the best of 5 games. Each game is first to 9 points providing that the player leads by at least 2 points. If a game reaches 8 each then the player receiving serve chooses whether to play the game to 9 or 10 points. Whichever is chosen, the first player to reach it wins the game.


The normal duration of a match is 40 minutes. The match ends at 40 minutes or when a player wins 3 games, whichever occurs first. If the 40 minute light goes out during a game then that game doesn’t count towards the match score regardless of the game score. i.e. if it’s 2 games each and 8 – 5 in the 5th game when the light goes out then the match score is 2 – 2. If both players agree and the court is available then players may continue to a finish. Alternatively, if time allows, the players may agree to a replay. If no agreement is reached, or at the request of either player, the 40 minute score stands as the final result.


Points are awarded for match scores as follows:


Match completed:


3 games to 2           7 points and 5 points respectively

3 games to 1           7 points and 4 points

3 games to 0           7 points and 3 points


Uncompleted match, score at 40 minutes:


2 games each          5 points each

2 games to 1      -     5 points and 4 points

2 games to 0      -     5 points and 3 points

1 game each       -     4 points each

1 game to 0        -     4 points and 3 points


Points scoring is easiest remembered as 3 points for turning up, 1 point for each game won, and 1 bonus point for the player who completes the victory by winning 3 games.


So if player A beats player B by 3 games to 1 the points awarded are 7 – 4 and recorded as shown below:

































There is no onus on any particular player to make arrangements for a match. All players should make every effort to play all matches by making contact with the other players in their league.


No points are awarded for matches not played unless a player pulls out on the day of an arranged match and both players are unable to rearrange a satisfactory time for the match to be replayed, in which case the available player can claim 5 points to 0 for the match (note, not a 3 – 0 win but 5 points to 0 on the scoresheet).